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Shanghai Diamsledger Information Technology Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Ediams Technology. With Zhongan Online P&C Insurance Co., LTDs wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongan Technology, we have developed and are promoting worlds first Blockchain Diamond Traceability and Electronic Transaction Platform. Diamond traceability refers to tracking every diamond during its circulation starting from mining to final customers. Participants involve, for example, diamond companies, inspecting organizations and customers on diamond supply chain. Every party can only upload their own part of information to blockchain. And part of those information are available to public which contributes in inter-surveillance and protecting privacy. Based on blockchains characteristic of inalterableness,  the authenticity of information can be guaranteed. Thus, preventing customers from buying counterfeiting diamond unconsciously and tracing diamond circulation. Hash value is marked on diamonds girdle which actualize the unity of diamond and certificate. Diamond Traceability platform can not only regulate diamond industry, but also deliver unique services to customers, such as personalized coding and blockchain romance diamonds. Diamsledger is now developing steadily and will explore and expanding the application of blockchain traceability platform into various scenarios hand in hand with its partners.

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