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Introduction of GGC


Gold Association of Guangdong Province (GAGD) is a juridical association attended willingly by enterprises, conglomerates, related councils and business associations in geological exploration, refining, research, designing, teaching, jewelry processing, marketing and management of gold and other precious metal (silver, platinum, palladium, etc.) industry. It’s a provincial, industrial, self-discipline and non-profit organization.
GAGD was set up on July 1994. It initiated by Guangdong Gold Corporation, Industrial Arts Company of Guangdong and The People’s Bank of Guangdong Province. GAGD was authorized by People’s Bank of China, Guangdong Branch and Guangdong Economy Committee, registered at Guangdong civil administration.
Business range of GAGD :
1. Publicize and carry out industry policies, rules and regulations of CCP and government. Legislate regulations and agreements, strengthen the self-discipline of industry and members, promote honest and credit business. Bring forward members demand to higher-ups, coordinate members , relationships. Protect fair competitions of members and industry.
2. Provide assistance for the government macro-economy control. Act as good adviser and assistant of government in researching and legislating industry layout and technique and economic policies. Provide identification and consultancy to the industry-related policies, and give suggestions. Protect the legal right of members and industry, take on other proceedings authorized or consigned by government.
3. Provide industry information statistics to government and enterprises, exploit market and launch market information, edit professional books and periodicals, set up website, make investigation, communication, evaluation, authentication, consultation, training and exhibition.
4. Take part in the legislating national and industrial standards, in charge of performing and supervising them. Assist and steer enterprises to improve their management.
5. Deliver series services in precious metal exploration, mining test and research, project feasibility, bid in construction designing and making contract.
6. Coordinate prices of the industry, and assist government to regulate the prices.
7. Develop and generalize precious metal jewelry product. Publicize and popularize jewelry knowledge. Recommend and choose the national famous brand, national famous trade marks, provincial famous brand and provincial famous trade marks according to government’s consignment.
8. Push forward industry cooperation and communication at home and abroad. Organize members visit other countries to absorb advanced knowledge. Take part in activities outsides.
9. Provide media services in the range of industry council tenet.
10. Lodge applications about anti-dumpling, anti-subsidy, or demand safeguard to industry economic organizations. Assist government’s investigations and organize enterprises to respond lawsuit.
GAGD include professional committee of precious metal exploration and integrating utilization, professional committee of precious metal fabrication, professional committee of precious metal jewelry and timepiece identification and evaluation, and professional committee of precious metal jewelry product marketing service.

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