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Introduction of EVERGREEN


Evergreen Diamond Co., Ltd (Guangzhou) is a foreign joint- venture company and it was established at Panyu District in 2002. This compound provides a secure environment to manufacture top quality make of diamond with the most advanced facilities and a management team which has over 20 years experience in diamond manufacturing. With the knowledge and experience, we currently employ over one thousand two hundred highly skilled employees and continuously to invest heavily in the high tech technology of diamond manufacturing machinery to readily provide the world class efficient services and delivering the optimum results for our clients under DTC approved standard.
Evergreen location provides the well connected transportation route and efficient delivering of our client goods 
Our Services: Evergreen has capacity to manufacture up to 250000 carat rough diamond yearly and we specialize in processing rough diamond, eight cuts goods, repairing。We specialize in processing rough diamond, eight cuts goods, repairing. We manufacture sizes from 0.04cts up to 42 cts;sawable, sawn, makeable, both round and fancy cuts. We are using the most technologically advance facilities with a highly skilled workforce to ensure that every rough stone is rendered to its full potential of fire, brilliance and stunning of perfection. Our extensive experience in managing factory operation ensuring that our manufacturing processes are the most efficient and effective in delivering the optimum results to our clients in the shortest time cycle and meet their special needs. 
IT infrastructure:  Evergreen Diamond has a well integrated in house computerized management system, our unique stock management system allow us to access to current update on the status of each parcel, the yield and weight loss throughout the production. We monitor closely on our production and yield with the use of this computerized system to ensure the quality and security of our goods.
Our facilities: Evergreen continue to invest heavily in technology every year to provide the best results to their clients. In 2011, we invested one million in a sawing machine which minimize weight loss to 1%.
Evergreen Diamond extensive experience in diamond manufacturing allow us to carry our reputation in producing the best quality of make and we are dedicated to deliver the optimum results to our clients and meet each client’s individual needs in the most efficient way.

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