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Trading Activity Announcement of GZDE (No. [2020] 2)


Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (GZDE) will hold a Rough Diamond Auction for a batch of special size rough diamonds over 10ct from Russia, respectively weighing 24.60ct, 14.56ct and 12.31ct. We hereby sincerely invite you to view the rough diamond and bid online. The auction adopts open bidding and raise additional price in multiple of RMB 2,000. Details are as follows:
Viewing time
9:00am- 17:30pm From now until 19th May, 2020 (on weekdays)
Viewing location
B2-B3, Complex Building, Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park, 999 Fulong Road, Panyu Distric, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 511400, China
Bidding time
From now until 10:00am, 20th May, 2020
Contact us
Ms. Yan 15521299672
Ms. Ren 15989212587
Online Bidding System
Bid Increment
In multiples of RMB¥2,000
Details of goods
Starting price:221,676
Color & Clarity Reference:I, SI1
Cutting Reference: 1 round diamond (10.16ct) \ 2 round diamond (9.13ct and 4.3ct)

NO.2: 14.56ct
Starting price:204,246
Color & Clarity Reference:H, VVS1
Cutting Reference: 2 round diamond (5.02ct and 2.02cct)

NO.3: 12.31ct
Starting price:142,485
Color & Clarity Reference:H, SI1
Cutting Reference: Oval(5.67ct) \ Pear(5.39ct) \ Round(3.92ct) \ 1 Oval(5.779ct) and 1 Round(0.43ct)

Viewing Rules
1. Qualification confirmation. Please present the original of your own ID card/Passport and  business card to fill the register form for viewing.
2. Indoor goods viewing. All the goods in the viewing room are only be checked indoors. Without the consent of the organizer, viewers shall not take goods outside by any means for any reason.
3. Punishment for Violation of Rules. Viewers shall view goods according to the arrangement of GZDE and the supplier. Full-process video monitoring is arranged inside the goods viewing room. If any viewer violates the viewing rules, then this viewer’s qualification will be canceled immediately after being discovered. If it’s confirmed during the period of goods inspection that any goods are damaged or lost for reason of any viewers, GZDE will investigate the viewers into corresponding legal responsibilities.
Trading process
1. The bidder must sign the Bidding Commitment Letter by its legal representative or authorized representative before participating in the bidding. According to the stipulations of the Bidding Commitment Letter, the bidder pays the security deposit to the designated account of GZDE by bank transfer. The security deposit is ¥20,000 (Say RMB YUAN TWENTY THOUSAND ONLY). Comprehensive Trading Members of GZDE and the bidders designated by the Consignor are exempted from making security deposits when attending the trading activity.
2. The bidder obtains the bidding account ID and password, and submits the bidding price in the GZDE online bidding system before the deadline.
3. GZDE will inform the winning bidder(s) of the bidding results. The security deposit will become part of the transaction payment and the winning bidder(s) shall completes the payment settlement and delivery of goods within the specified time. The winning bidder(s) and the supplier shall jointly sign the Dealing Slip of Diamonds and send it to GZDE for seal and confirmation.
4. If the bidders fails , GZDE will refund the security deposit to the bidders.
5. Closing the deal.
Bidding Rules
To regulate the diamond bidding activities in Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (GZDE), in accordance with principles of fairness, equity and good faith, to specify the bidding procedures and code of conducts, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of trading participants, all trading parties please read and acknowledge <The Bidding Rules of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (Proposed)>,  click the website link to find more details below.

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