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Trading Activity Announcement of GZDE (No. [2020] 3)



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Certified Diamond Auction
June 8-9, 2020 – Hong Kong


Auction Terms and Conditions – May 21, 2020


1.All auction participants are required to register and meet compliance requirements

a.Registration is available via www.rapaport.com/auctions; or through the registration channel of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange【www.cngzde.com】.

b.Approved participants will be provided a unique login. RapNet login may be used.

c.The live online auction will be available at www.rapaport.com/cda

2.Auction open: Monday June 8 at 9 am Hong Kong Time (HKT)

3.Auction close: Tuesday June 9 at 9 pm HKT.

a.Bidding may continue beyond auction close if new bids are being made during close.

4.All Diamonds will have GIA grading reports with excellent cut, polish and symmetry.

5.Rapaport will examine diamonds sold at auction and certify diamonds match GIA reports.

a.The examination will take place after the auction and before delivery to buyer.

b.Rapaport does not guarantee the accuracy of GIA grading or any other information. The guarantee is limited to the fact that the diamond matches the GIA grading report.

6.Suppliers are required to deliver the diamonds sold to Rapaport HK on Wednesday, June 10.

7.Bidders will be required to make deposits unless credit has been established with Rapaport.

8.All bids are final and cannot be withdrawn. Returns are not accepted.

9.All bids and payments are in US$.

10.Buyers are required to make full payment in US$ to Rapaport HK by Friday, June 12.

11.Delivery of diamonds purchased will be by appointment at Rapaport HK Office, June 15-18.

a.All shipping expenses to Rapaport HK at the expense of the seller.

b.All shipping expenses from Rapaport HK at the expense of the buyer

12.All applicable taxes, duties and other related charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

13.Rapaport reserves the right to cancel any transaction by returning money paid by the buyer and return of the diamond to the seller. Reasons for cancelling a transaction may include but will not be limited to:

a.The buyer failed to make payment on time.

b.The diamond did not match the GIA grading report.

c.There is any dispute or disagreement between the buyer and seller.

d.Rapaport has any concern regarding the diamond or the transaction parties.

14.Diamonds will not be delivered to buyers until confirmed bank payment is received.

a.Rapaport does not accept cash payments. All payments must be via banks.

15.Rapaport liability is strictly limited to returning money paid by buyer and return of diamond or its value to seller. No incidental, third party or other liability is assumed or accepted.

16.Additional terms and conditions may be updated and communicated via email or WeChat.

17.Auction participants must agree with these terms and the Rapaport Trading Agreement.

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