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China's High-Quality CVD Laboratory Grown Diamond Have Set a New Record Again


China has hit a new high in lab-grown diamonds. Recently, a 45.152-carat lab-grown rough diamond was born after 1,000 hours at Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co.,Ltd. The lab-grown diamond was grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). It is a TYPE IIa grown diamond without metal catalyst. It was cut and processed into a white polished diamond, which was certified by IGI as 10.57 carats, F color, VS2 clarity, IDEAL, polished and symmetry EXCELLENT.

The diamond surpassed another 7.06 carat lab-grown diamond identified by IGI in March to become the largest high-quality CVD diamond in the world. Its birth marks the gradual maturity of high-quality, large-carat CVD diamond cultivation technology.
Source: Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co.,Ltd

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