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Another International Inspection Agency - AGS Resume its Laboratory-Grown Diamonds Testing


According to reports, AGS (American Gem Society) intends to resume lab-grown diamond testing. However, AGS only provides this service on its online platform, Only My Diamond, which is "presented in digital form only, no paper certificate". Different from GIA's test on lab-grown diamonds, AGS will mark "LG" in front of the clarity. So, for example, if a lab-grown diamond is VS2 clarity, the certificate will show "LG-VS2". The special thing is that there will be a sentence on the certificate, "We need to understand that color and clarity do not affect the rarity of the lab-grown diamond, but merely reflect the quality and consistency of its manufacturing process." Each AGS graded lab-grown diamond is marked with a laser tag. There are two types of AGS marks. One is labeled "laboratory-grown", and the other is labeled "laboratory-grown" with a string of AGS report numbers.

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