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The case value exceeds 40 million! Shanghai Customs smashes diamond smuggling gangs


On April 15, Shanghai Customs, together with other local customs and public security departments, launched a special operation against diamond smuggling in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, and arrested 20 suspects involved in diamond smuggling. All action teams seized 84 polished diamonds, 252 pieces of diamond products and 187 packages of melee diamonds. According to preliminary investigation, since July 2020, the jewelry company from Shanghai involved in the case, together with Guangzhou “shuike” (means smuggler), has smuggled polished diamonds from Hong Kong to mainland, with a case value of about 42 million yuan.

It is reported that a large amount of money for smuggled diamonds is transferred out through underground banks. According to the agreed exchange rate, domestic buyers pay RMB to Guangzhou intermediaries through multiple bank accounts, while Guangzhou intermediaries pay US dollars to overseas suppliers. After the diamonds ordered from abroad arrive in Hong Kong, Guangdong “shuike” smuggles the diamonds into China through Hong Kong drivers or by other means, and then sends them to customers by domestic express delivery.

Source: CCTV Finance

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