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National Advertising Division Recommends Natural Diamond Council Discontinue Certain Advertising Claims on Benefits of Mined Versus Man-made Diamonds


Diamnet looks to become UK’s premier diamond supplier with new Madestones partnership
Diamond trading platform Diamnet has announced a new partnership with Madestones, a lab-grown diamond distributor in Europe.
The move, Diamnet said, means its stock of lab-grown stones now equals its offering of natural diamonds as the business recognises the growing interest in the more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative.
(Source: Professional Jeweller)
Gemological Science International Opens New Laboratory in Jaipur India
Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, announced the opening of its newest laboratory in Jaipur, India.
The demand for GSI certification and origin testing for natural and lab grown diamonds as well as colored gemstones continues to grow and the Jaipur lab will help GSI meet that global need.

India's Exports of polished lab growns saw a huge increase, of over 67 percent in FY 20-21
According to the news figures from Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), India's Gems and Jewellery exports drop by 28.46% in FY 20-21.
Lab-grown diamonds showed marked improvement. Lab-grown diamonds exports increased by 67.22% from $421.09mln in FY 19-20 to $704.15mln in FY 20-21. A surge in demand for lab-grown diamond jewellery in the U.S. can be attributed to the growth.
National Advertising Division Recommends Natural Diamond Council Discontinue Certain Advertising Claims on Benefits of Mined Versus Man-made Diamonds
The National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs recommended that the Natural Diamond Council(NDC) discontinue certain advertising claims comparing mined diamonds with man-made diamonds, including the carbon emissions associated with diamond mining compared with diamond manufacturing, the scarcity of mined diamonds, the resale value of mined diamonds versus man-made diamonds, as well as claims that described mined diamonds as "real", in contrast to man-made diamonds.
(Source:BBB National Programs)
Ahna Shmuel (Re)Joins Green Rocks
Green Rocks Diamonds, a seller of lab-created diamonds, has appointed Ahna Shmuel (pictured) as its new brand jewelry manager.
Shmuel will lead brand management, including imaging, marketing, and brand communications, and will head Green Rocks’ jewelry division, part of a new push into fashion-oriented product.
Source: jckonline
Tiffany Exec Joins Board of Lab-Grown Diamond Brand Aether
Former Tiffany & Co. executive Pamela Cloud has been appointed to the advisory board of lab-grown diamond company Aether, which uses modern technology to transform carbon filtered out of polluted air into lab grown diamonds.
Cloud, the former senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at Tiffany, managed the jeweler’s key product categories and global merchandising operations.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Brand, LovBe, Launches LovBe Eternal Collection
LovBe debuts its first LovBe Exclusive Collection, LovBe Eternal. This marks a major milestone for the DTC e-commerce lab grown diamond brand, launched in late 2020.
The capsule collection consisting of nine engagement ring designs all feature fancy shape side stones, including pear, marquise and sleek, tapered baguettes. The rings of LovBe Eternal collection(inclusive of the center diamond and setting) start at $1,600.
 Matilde Jewellery ramps up eco-friendly focus with new release to mark World Earth Day
Matilde Jewellery, a sustainable jewellery brand founded late last year by famous football manager Jose Mourinho’s daughter Matilde Mourinho, has released a new necklace “Terra”.
Released to mark World Earth Day on 22 April – the Terra necklace will feature a 0.5ct heart-shaped lab-grown diamond with a 100% recycled 14ct gold chain.
(Source: Professional Jeweller)

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