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Sarine Technologies targets lab grown diamonds segment in partnership with Constell Group


On May 25, Diamond technology firm Sarine Technologies announced to enter a strategic collaboration with the Constell Group. The aim of the joint effort is to “forge a closer cooperation” that will provide technological solutions for the current and evolving needs of the rapidly expanding LGD segment. This cooperation will allow customers to benefit from more competitive pricing. Sarine will be paid for each stone processed, regardless of the specific technologies applied in the processing.

The Constell Group has operations in India and Southern Africa, employing more than 4,000 people worldwide. Constell focuses on serving the entire diamond industry, primarily focused on aiding the midstream seamlessly transform raw materials to desirable finished gems in the most cost-effective way, offering a broad range of services including sorting of rough stones, polishing and other logistical services.

(Source: Sarine)

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