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Most Jewelry Can’t Be Called “Made in USA” Under FTC Rule


If lab-grown diamonds are created in a U.S. factory, a company can say its stones are produced here, right?
In most cases, the answer is likely no. In fact, under a rule just passed by the Federal Trade Commission, very few jewelry products can make a straight-up “Made in the USA” claim. For a product to be labeled “Made in the USA,” not only must “significant processing” take place in the United States, but “all or virtually all” of its component parts must be produced here too.
Even assuming the claim is true—and every diamond the company sells was created in a U.S. factory—the lab-grown companies that claim their products as being “Made in the USA” or “Grown in the USA”might potentially run into trouble if its products are cut in China and India. If they are sent to India or China for cutting or polishing, the FTC would likely see them as a product of China or India.
(Source: JCK Online)

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