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Big diamonds broke records


Petra Diamond Limited announced in August that a big diamond weighing 138.57cts was found in the Cullinan Mine in South Africa and this diamond was type IIa, D color. Cullinan Mine is famous for its birth of big diamonds, including Cullinan - the largest rough diamond in the world weighing 3106 cts, and Cullinan Dream - the largest fancy intense blue diamond appeared at auction weighing 24 cts (cut from a 122.52 cts rough diamond).
Alrosa announced in August that a huge diamond weighing 136.24cts was found in Nyurbinskaya pipe. The gem-quality rough diamond measured 29.32*23.88*21.9 mm and was among the largest rough diamonds discovered at its Nyurba Mining and Processing Division.

Source:Summarized by GZDE

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