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Keep Up With the Digital Age  --International Jewellery & Diamond Conference 2020 Guangzhou Grandly Held

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Innovatively Mining the Traffic Sources of Jewelry and Diamond


Do you know how to better develop and make full use of the jewelry and diamond marketing channels?
From the global perspective
What cutting-edge messages were delivered at the Baselworld gala?
How to incorporate the current diamond ecology and its future investment market to achieve capitalized management?
To the domestic ecosystem
[Products] How to make use of the IP entertainment culture to realize cross-border marketing for jewelry and attract new generation youngsters with more fashion elements?
[Customers] How can the diamond & jewelry industry create loyal followers through "short video+" and converse followers’ affection into sales revenue?
[Channel] While the limited-traffic physical stores suffering from insufficient turnover, what's the reason that some players are earning tens of millions of yuan by live broadcasting?
Enterprises unable to keep up with the development of times are doomed to be phased out of marketplace. If you had already missed the chance of cultivating VIP accounts at e-commerce platforms, Weibo or WeChat, it’s time to seize the new opportunities introduced by the 5G era.
During the fourth Guangzhou International Jewelry and Diamond Conference (2019), the forum themed on marketing channel innovative namely "New Access and New Gamerule" will be held at Guangzhou Diamond Exchange on the afternoon of November 22. The forum will cover such topics as jewelry exhibition in the digital era, coexistence of diamond investment and brands, the future of jewelry live broadcasting, short video marketing, jewelry IP, etc.. In addition, quite a few of industry leaders will show up and share insights in this field.
With the arrival of 5G era, jewelry and diamond marketing is exposed to an unprecedented opportunity, from "what to sell" to "how to sell". Guangzhou Diamond Exchange will lead the discussion on how to excavate the new golden mine of traffic inbound.
Topic:Innovation of jewellery sales channel
Time:Afternoon of November 22, 2019
Place:Diamond Hall, 3/F Block B, Convention Center, Clifford Hotel, Panyu
Forum process
Forum preview
Speech 1 : 13:35-14:00 《Trade fair in the digital ages》
Speaker1:Pascal Béchu
Baselworld,Commercial director
Pascal Béchu boasts of over 20-year experience in sales and management of watches and jewelry with a master degree of international management from NEOMA Business School in France. Before joining the Baselworld management team, he had accumulated rich experience in TAG Heuer (affiliated to world’s largest luxury brand LVMH), Movado Group Inc. and Harry Winston. 
Baselworld, one of the largest watch and jewelry exhibitions in the world with a history of more than one hundred years, is a grand gathering of the jewelry & watch industry. It has operation & exhibition centers in Basel and Zurich respectively. Recognized as the must-visit trade show for discerning buyers, influential medias, and smart connoisseurs, Baselworld has attracted multifacet players to jointly discover and experience the new trend and innovation of top-tier brands. 
At this forum, Pascal Béchu will bring you a brand-new Baselworld event in a bid to build up a new dynamism featured with digitalization, socialization and experience throughout the year for industries around the world. 
Speech 214:00-14:25 《Diamond Investment & Branding Co-existence》
Speaker2:Ronen Priewer
Ronen Priewer, Founder & CEO, CEDEX
As an entrepreneur in both diamond and high-tech sectors with ten years of work experience in Israel's hi-tech industry, Ronen Priewer founded CEDEX with his in-dept understanding on financial technology in 2016, dedicated to turning diamonds into financial assets. In this forum, he will address the audience on the coexistence of diamond investment and brands. Let's get ready to experience the new diamond ecosystem under the blockchain scenario.
In recent years, blockchain is considered as one of the most disruptive technologies following the invention of internet. The national strategic foresight suggests that we should "take blockchain as an important breakthrough of independent innovation on core technology" and "accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation", gradually introduce "blockchain" into marketplace so as to make it the hot spot of financial capital, real economy and public opinions.
As a blockchain-based asset trading platform specially designed for diamonds, CEDEX aims to bring together diamond sellers and prudent dealers so that the latter can turn diamonds into investment assets in a safe, proper, transparent and open way. CEDEX allows dealers to sell diamonds through blockchain technology and asset tokenization system so as to invest in diamonds as new financial asset.
Speech 314:25-14:50《New Play of IP product in Jewellery
Speaker 3:Sarah Chan
General Manager Assistant of Mover Culture
Designer Sarah Chan has been engaged in jewelry industry for years, concentrating on innovative R&D of IP jewelry with the aim to create pioneering IP-driven fashion products in jewelry industry.
Mover, established in 2013, is a cross-border fashion brand integrating entertainment culture and derivative arts, which is committed to the study of this new sector. After nearly six years of sound development, Mover has turned into a new icon culture among stylish youngsters.
Through the establishment of the Internet-based follower economy, Mover has fulfilled its three-year strategic goal of global IP layout, as well as the five-year one of network construction of "10,000 stores in 1000 cities", granted with quite a few of international awards, such as Guinness, Expo 2015 in Milan, JNA, etc.. In addition, Mover also participated in Shanghai Fashion Week, MCN London Show, BlizzCon and other global entertainment festivals. The company is determined to drive the entertainment industry with fashion culture, and foster a sustainable, systematic, and professional creation platform to enhance the long-term development of global entertainment-derived culture and art in trendy sectors.
Speech 414:50-15:15《The Future of Jewellery Live-streaming》
Speaker4:Zhao Yuanyuan
Head of Taobao Live
Zhao Yuanyuan, an advertising enthusiast, has been engaged in the marketing and communication industry for 15 years. Before joining Alibaba in 2017, she used to be the senior creation director of Ogilvy. Today, as the head of Taobao Live, Zhao has been centering on the innovation and research of e-commerce live broadcasting with great insight over the development of Taobao Live, e-commerce live broadcasting, as well as the future trends. 
 According to statistics, Taobao Live generated a turnover of 100 billion yuan last year. The top three categories of live broadcast performance were clothing, jewelry, and skincare & beauty products, accounting for 70% of the total sales volume, while the record high single transaction of jewelry amounted to 1.78 million yuan. So far, jewelry turnover has accounted for a quarter of Taobao Live transactions, or 30% of jewelry sales at Taobao are contributed by live broadcasting.
During the Tmall Double 11 International Shopping Festival in 2019, Taobao Live accomplished nearly 20-billion-yuan transactions. More than 50% of branded businesses obtained new growth with this new marketing access. It took only 63 minutes to outdo the performance of the first day of the previous year. Both the number of businesses conducting live broadcasting and that of live shows doubled on year-on-year basis. More than ten live broadcast rooms reported 100-million-yuan sales revenue and over 100 rooms exceeding 10 million yuan. Besides the dazzling record breakings one after another, Taobao Live has witnessed the continuous innovation of brands and businesses at Taobao and Tmall, marching towards the fast track of development with digitalization.
Let's wait and see how the jewelry shines on Taobao Live! 
Speech 515:15-15:40《Short videos sparkled the Diamond Ecosystem
Speaker5:Lu Zhongming
The founder of Yishanghui
Lu Zhongming, recognized as one of the Alibaba's "Top 10 Bloggers" in 2010, "Top 10 Industry Experts" in 2013 as well as "Top 10 Writers" in 2014 and 2017, has created a clothing entrepreneurial community, which was rated as "Alibaba's Top 10 Business Circles" for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015.
Yishanghui is devoted to cultivating one-stop service platform for community economy to empower enterprises by means of new medias, short videos, communities, live broadcasting, streaming, etc. Yishanghui is firmly convinced that "in the next five years, those who dominate short videos will win the world, or else failure is inevitable." Yishanghui has assisted thousands of grassroots start-ups making profits ranging from one million to hundreds of millions of yuan.
Its founder Lu Zhongming will share the development trend of short video marketing and the new play methods of "Short Video + Diamond" in person with the attempt to build a new ecological service platform for the 80-billion-yuan jewelry and diamond market.
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