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When you think of Jaipur, you think of its forts, its bazaars and its jewellery. Rarely would you associate the city with a conglomerate spread over 15 countries. One such gem from the entrepreneurial mines of Jaipur city is the KGK group.
In the by-lanes of Jaipur, one often hears tales of success of enterprising jewellers who carved a niche for themselves. But no story is as interesting and inspiring as the one that started in 1905 when the visionary Kesrimal Kothari and Ghisilal Kothari started trading gemstones between India and Burma. They prepared the ground for what the KGK group, which is named after them, would go on to achieve.
(1884 – 1956)
(1915– 1975)
Four generations later, the humble trading business has transformed into a multinational company with operations spread across 15 countries. It employs 12000 people and has diversified into mining, gemstone, diamonds, jewellery, retail and real estate.
The KGK Group began diamond distribution back in 1969. The company started manufacturing finished diamonds in 1986 and went on to become a respected name in the diamond business. KGK’s diamond operations are based in Antwerp and Belgium. The processing of stones takes place in KGK manufacturing units based in India, South Africa, Russia, Angola, Botswana, and Namibia. To gauge how far the KGK group has come – picture this –KGK’s diamond operations have earned the coveted status of a De Beers Sightholder, an Alrosa Alliance member and a Rio Tinto select Diamantaire.
Continuous innovation enables the KGK group to maintain its leading position in the industry. In a time frame of 18 months, from October 2017 to March 2019, the KGK group analysed the processes and found that 30% of its tasks were automated. While, the rest 70% were manual, affecting precision, quality, yield and production time. KGK took immediate steps towards automating most of its operations and installed high-tech equipment and pieces of machinery. Innovation through water jet cutting and Synova DCS 50 (3 axis diamond cutter) armed KGK Group with much more precision and higher quality of gemstones and diamonds. In addition, a notable feat towards innovation is the collaborative effort with the recognised brand- Nishta that resulted in a horizontal butter wheel, which helps in cutting larger diamonds (above 100 carats) with precision. Moreover, Galaxy™ diamond mapping and DiaMark™ laser marking are also the techniques employed in manufacturing facilities at KGK. The best and latest in manufacturing technology and the most sophisticated standards of manufacturing have won the JNA Awards for three consecutive years namely: 2016- Outstanding Enterprise of the year, Greater China, 2017- Manufacturer of the year- Jewellery and 2018-Outstanding Enterprise of the year, India.
However, one of the biggest advantages of a KGK diamond is that it is available through an efficient distribution network. The group has a presence across all important diamond markets and its sophisticated and secure global distribution infrastructure is spread across Botswana, Belgium, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, India, Japan, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, South East Asia, Thailand, UAE and the USA.
The World of KGK Jewellery
There are very few jewellers in the world who are involved in every step of the jewellery making process, and the KGK group is such a company that integrated mines-to-brands operations. The KGK Group has investments in primary gemstone mining in Africa and South America and has manufacturing units in markets like India, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. The primary expertise of each unit is different and each of them follows a unique design language. The Hong Kong unit produces luxury products for global markets, the Chinese unit specialises in mid-range products for domestic and export markets while in India KGK Group manufactures entry level products for domestic and export markets. The unit in Thailand makes mid-range products, silver, diamonds and coloured stones.
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KGK has a strong team of more than 80 talented designers in its studios worldwide. A buyer has the option to work with KGK studios, manufacturing units and can bring their designs to life. Or KGK can design and manufacture for the customer based on their target market. Alternately, the customers also have the option of choosing from KGK’s off-the-shelf collection. This collection is produced after researching the global market trends and using creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing collections.
Today, KGK has reached to the ultimate consumer. It has made its presence in the retail sector with their own luxury jewellery brand ‘Entice’, having presence in Hong Kong and India and being the crown in the KGK value chain. KGK also has various renowned international brands under its umbrella like Gregg Ruth, Martin Flyer. Gregg Ruth is a fine jewelry from Malibu California, known for high-profile collections featuring emeralds, rubies and sapphires, now a KGK brand. New York City-based Martin Flyer has been designing jewelry since 1945 and is considered to be an expert within the bridal and engagement ring industry. It is also the exclusive distributor for The Entice brand in America.
Completing more than 110 years, KGK today is established in almost every commercial center in the world, coming closer to its customers than ever before. The diverse approach is one of the biggest contributors to KGK’s current standing in the industry. While the brand progressed to become one of the leaders in the jewellery industry, KGK continues to grow its avenue of diversity, letting the same diversity further the name of its brand.
Milestones at a Glance
1905 : The foundation of KGK Group was laid back when Shri Keshrimalji Kothari started trading Burmese coloured gemstones in Jaipur, India. Inspired by his father’s vision, Shri Ghisilalji Kothari led the group further.
1915 : KGK starts trading coloured gemstones in Chennai, India.
1960 : Mr. Navrattan Kothari joins KGK Group.
1962 : Operations were established in Hong Kong SAR.
1970’s : The Group starts trading diamonds.
1972 : Launched coloured stones operations in USA.
1975 : Diamonds sourcing operations launched in Mumbai.
1986 : Diamonds processing operations established in Mumbai.
1996 : Jewellery manufacturing operations opens in SEEPZ, Mumbai.
1997 : KGK gets rewarded with the De Beers Sightholder status.
1999 : Jewellery manufacturing unit established in Panyu, China.
2002 : Wholesale jewellery operations launched in India.
2004 : Fine jewellery brand Entice by KGK Group launched in Hong Kong and later in India.
2010 : The group acquires renowned international brands – Martin Flyer for its commercial jewellery and Gregg Ruth for its exclusive jewellery.
2014: KGK opens diamond manufacturing unit in Botswana, Africa.
2014: KGK signed long term contracts with Russian miner Alrosa.
2014: KGK Diamonds becomes an Alrosa Alliance member.
2015: Jewellery manufacturing unit established in Bangkok.
2015: KGK Diamond Botswana Pty Ltd became De Beers Sightholder.
2016: KGK unveiled new corporate identity and group website.
2017: KGK launched diamond cutting and polishing factory in Vladivostok, Russia.
2018: KGK launched diamond manufacturing facility in Namibia.
2019: KGK inaugurated diamond manufacturing facility in Angola.

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