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Guangzhou, Rough Diamonds Clearance Resumed in Epidemic Controls


In support of the resumption of work and production, the Customs supported Guangzhou Diamond Exchange and its member companies through the rapid customs clearance of the first rough diamond goods that enter Guangzhou from Hong Kong in spite of the inconvenience caused by the epidemic. 
Zhu Yongsheng, chairman of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, thanked Nansha Customs for efficiently completing the customs clearance of rough diamonds. 
Zhu Yongsheng said that China is the world’s second largest diamond consumer market, and over 75% of rough diamonds in China are processed in Guangdong, especially Guangzhou and surrounding areas, which undertake orders from Hong Kong SAR, Belgium, Israel, etc. Guangzhou diamond processing enjoys a good reputation in the world diamond sector for its fine workmanship, high efficiency and high quality. The personnel and logistics control measures between mainland China and Hong Kong in the epidemic played havoc with the logistics routes of raw materials of rough diamonds bound for Guangzhou and other places via Hong Kong. The Guangdong Customs made active coordination. Guangzhou Customs and Shenzhen Customs coordinated with each other. To assist work resumption, Nansha Customs specially projected the case, optimized processes, quickly set up channels, and put supervision and guarantee in place. The entire process from the declaration for Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to logistics clearance and inspection and release, can be completed within a few hours. 
Entry area for loaded vehicles
Following the release of these rough diamonds for customs clearance, enterprises anxiously waiting for raw materials can resume work and production quickly. It also boosts the confidence of foreign trade enterprises to accept orders, restore normal production, and quickly integrate into the global industry chain. At the same time, through this success case, it showed the international jewelry and diamond sector and the international community a positive signal of China resolutely tackling epidemic and resuming work in an orderly and rapid manner, and the vitality of the pilot free trade zone. 
Inspect customs lock
Inspect cargo packaging and documentation
Unpack the box
Inspect whether the goods are consistent with the documentation
Inspect the weight of the goods
Check rough diamonds
Complete the registration of Customs Kimberley Process Certification Scheme business management system
With the support of the departments such as the customs, the diamond foreign trade sector is back on track. We can undertake orders, and overseas customers can arrange the distribution of goods in Guangzhou!
Anyone having the intention of importing and exporting rough diamonds business can contact us:
Mr. Liu: 86-13602284101
Ms. Yan: 86-15521299672 

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