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“GZDE Live” Attracts 42,000 Viewers in Debut


Guangzhou Diamond Exchange’s live streaming studio GZDE Live officially opened at 8 p.m. on March 19, 2020! It attracted over 1,000 viewers within minutes, reaching 10,000 mark in half an hour, 20,000 mark in one hour, and 30,000 mark in less than two hours! The final number of viewers of the “GZDE Live” show debut hit 42,000!
Don’t worry if you missed the live streaming event. Click on the picture below, and long press the QR code image to watch the replay. Here I would like to briefly review the three topics Uncle LEUNG shared at that night.
The pain points of folk live streaming and itchy points of online customers
01Perceive changes in industry model and embrace private traffic
Change is taking place around us. Digital business is an inevitable trend, and the online model has become the essential demand for people. Due to the pandemic, people get used to a change in their daily lifestyle. Many scenarios quickly see online development or even move online, spurring the development of digital business!
For jewelry and diamond merchants, folk live streaming is, in all probability, the first step to achieve digitization. It will also quickly draw attention to online services for online and offline integration and the industrial chain development.
For live streaming, it is necessary to find the traffic that can bring live streaming alive quickly, namely private traffic. To bring vitality to private traffic, the appropriate online ecosystem is needed – an ecosystem where private traffic sees frequent social interaction every day. WeChat ecosystem is the largest online social sector parallel to the offline world in China. The applet live streaming based on the WeChat Moment + community yields brilliant results!
This applet live streaming based on the WeChat Moment + community can be called live streaming 2.0. Unlike live streaming 1.0 which calls for professional lighting, venue, online celebrities, and public traffic, live streaming 2.0 features an efficient service method for private traffic, using the self-owned traffic and becoming an equivalent to or extension of offline experience. This is exactly the experience we stress in jewelry and diamond consumption!
Live streaming 2.0 is geared to the private traffic we maintain every day, without the aggressive sales. It has more the warmth of meeting family and friends, with more trust, affinity and professionalism in live streaming.
02The pain points of folk live streaming and itchy points of online customers
1It is simple and convenient to watch and create live streaming
Tencent Live’s viewing channel for live streaming is Kandian live streaming applet which can be distributed in the WeChat ecosystem, including the WeChat Moment, groups, and peer-to-peer. WeChat users can enter the live streaming studio for live streaming viewing or video replay by clicking on the applet link or scanning the QR code. At live streaming studio, audience can be guided to follow the WeChat account of merchants. In short, WeChat ecosystem provides Tencent Live with strong ecosystem support and propagation.
It is easy to apply to open a live streaming account and set up a live streaming studio. If materials are submitted and the conditions are met, Tencent will complete the approval procedures within 3 to 5 working days, and then you can start live streaming!
2How merchants overcome fear of live streaming and improve live streaming skills?
GZDE Live partners with the training institution Yishanghui to provide training courses at different levels for merchants using Tencent Live service, so that they quickly set about doing business, improve skills, and achieve efficient application.
Contact GZDE Live to apply for Tencent Live permission and submit the materials for registration, and you can join the [Intensive Training Group for Live Streamers] free of charge, and attend a course worth 998 yuan for free – “1-hour quick guide to WeChat live streaming”! As the number of follower increases, we will gradually offer advanced courses.
3How to address consumers' concerns about buying jewelry and diamonds online?
As the only diamond trading platform approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province to date, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange offers ironclad guarantee for consumers. We specifically launch the “GZDE Live”, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange jewelry and diamond live streaming alliance. Consumers can rest assured to make online purchase thanks to our trading rules and membership system.
4As jewelry and diamond products are small in size, how to solve the video presentation problem?
GZDE Live will also provide merchants with photography skills, display props, live streaming scenarios, as well as live streaming skill and data analysis support to improve live streaming experience.
GZDE Live also works with key enterprises in the industry to offer products suitable for live streaming in the supply chain. Through Guangzhou Diamond Exchange trading system, coupled with the function of Weidian, which is an online store based on Wechat, it supports the members of the alliance in product stocking and allocation. The supply chain service can lower the threshold of funding for stocking jewelry and diamond products, bring into play the advantages of merchants’ private traffic resources, and realize as many deals as possible and low-cost high-premium deals.
GZDE Live also provides know-how training to lower the knowledge threshold, provides multiple live streaming scenarios to improve the professional image of merchants, hosts training on jewelry and diamond knowledge, and arranges visits and even live streaming at diamond factories, jewelry factories, and domestic and foreign industrial bases for merchants.
03The diamond processing process reveals the charm of scenarios
In the new online consumption channel of live streaming, it is also necessary to create scenarios to fire consumers’ passion and enthusiasm. For example, we can copy the passion online through the passion of sales clerks and the involvement of honchos; we can also create scenarios beyond the reach of brick-and-mortar stores, such as professional scenarios, mining areas, producing areas, factories, jewelry exhibitions.
If you are full of confidence and can’t wait to monetize the traffic through live streaming, don't hesitate to scan the QR code to open an account 
Jewelry and diamond manufacturers and designers are welcomed to join the party hosted by GZDE Live. We will provide a wealth of high-quality and targeted supply chain services, so that you can achieve quality business growth through live streaming business! Contact GZDE Live customer service to share your wishes!
Does this live streaming event and article dispel your doubts about live streaming? If you have any other queries, please scan the QR code below to contact our GZDE Live customer service.

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