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ALROSA’s November Diamond Sales at US$288 Mn Show an Improvement Over October


ALROSA Group’s monthwise diamond sales seem to be picking up slowly but steadily since they plummeted to an all-time low this year in July – when total sales were at US$ 170.5 million.   

Announcing sales results for November 2019, ALROSA Group said total sales of diamonds – both rough and polished – reached US$ 287.8 million, which also represents a 5% increase year-on-year.  

While rough diamond sales amounted to US$ 282.1 million; ALROSA’s polished diamond sales stood at US$ 5.8 million.

For the eleven-month period from January to November 2019, ALROSA’s total diamond sales amounted to US$ 2,974 million. During these eleven months, rough diamond sales touched US$ 2,921 million; while polished diamond sales reached US$ 53.0 million.

“November sales growth (is) evidence that (the) mid-stream sector, specifically India, is on track to restore its balance,” commented ALROSA Deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev. “Somewhat more active purchasing activity at end-consumers in key regions also provide support to our sales volumes.”  

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