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ALROSA Receives Christmas Gift – A 191 Ct Diamond is Found at the Botuobinskaya Kimberlite Pipe


ALROSA recovered a diamond weighing 190.77 carats from its Botuobinskaya kimberlite pipe in Yakutia on December 25, 2019.
The Company said that according to experts of the Nyurba GOK ALROSA, the gem “has high quality characteristics”. Further, tentative expert opinion estimates the stone to be two billion years old. However, the Company said that “more accurate data” will be gathered through  mineralogical research.
“The discovery of a large and high-quality diamond in terms of its primary characteristics on the eve of the New Year holidays is a real gift,” said Evgeny Agureev, Deputy General Director of ALROSA. “In 2019, nature has already made similar surprises. So, on the eve of Valentine's Day, a heart-shaped diamond was mined on the Udachnaya ALROSA pipe. Such findings are, of course, always noteworthy.”
ALROSA intends to send the gemstone to the ALROSA Unified Sales Organization for a detailed study and evaluation.
Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant (NGOK) ALROSA, which was established on March 6, 2000, processes ore from two main deposits: the Nyurbinskaya and Botubinskaya pipes. While the Botuobinskaya pipe was discovered in 1994 by geologists of the Botuobinskoye exploration expedition; production at the field began in 2015. The mine has a large proportion of transparent diamond of gem and near gem quality.
Source: GJEPC

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