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World Diamond Council: Be strong China & Wuhan!


The President of the World Diamond Council sent a lantern festival blessing to the Chinese diamond industry friends through Guangzhou Diamond Exchange: Be strong, China! Be strong, Wuhan!
Dear friends,
As President of the World Diamond Council and in the name of the entire diamond industry,
I would like to wish you a happy lantern festival!
In these very difficult times and challenging times,
We would like you to know that we are with you and thinking of you.
And especially about all the medical staffs of China, that they are doing an incredible work and immense sacrifices to help the world get rid of this virus.
Let’s make sure that we come out of this, stronger and wiser, and understand even better, the fragility of nature.
And let’s find together the right balance between its needs and the need of people.
So again, Wishing you a happy festival,

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