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Rare coloured diamonds with purple fluorescence have been discovered in Australia


Australian diamond miner, India Bore Diamond Holdings Pty Ltd (IBDH) says that it had discovered extremely rare yellow diamonds in the Ellendale diamond field that fluoresce in purple or violet. IBDH spokesperson Patrick Stringer said the special diamonds were discovered in an area known as L-Channel. Although the L-channel deposit was well known, but we never expected to discover that brilliant Fancy Yellow diamonds would fluoresce purple.

Currently, the diamonds is being studied at the Delta Diamond Laboratory in Perth. Natural fluorescence occurs in about 30% of diamonds and more than 95% of these fluoresce blue, with yellow and green representing just a few per cent. Delta diamond scientist John Chapman says that violet or purple fluorescence is normally associated with blue diamonds, so these Fancy yellow diamonds are pretty rare.

Source: Rough & polished

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