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China Unveils SOE Reform Guidelines


BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- China has unveiled a leading document outlining the reform of its state-owned enterprises. It says by the year 2020, major achievements will be made in key areas. A better state capital management system, modern enterprise system, and market-oriented operating system will be formed.

State-owned capital will be allocated more reasonably, and there will be a batch of outstanding entrepreneurs with better operating skills, and a batch of state-owned enterprises with better innovation ability and international competitiveness.

The stage-owned economy will be more vigorous, have more powerful, be more influential have better risk-resistance capability. The document says state enterprises will be divided into two categories: commercial and public welfare. And each category will ally different reforms and standards.

Modern enterprise system and state capital management system must be improved. It says mixed ownership economy will be developed, and supervision of stae-owned assets will be strengthened. The guidance of the Communist party of China on state-owned enterprises will be enhanced.



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