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International Trading Service Guangzhou Diamond Exchange

Based on China's huge diamond market and the developed diamond industry agglomeration advantages in Guangdong Province as well as its processing and manufacturing base, on account of facilitating the diamond enterprisesto achieve convenient business in the areas of bonded exhibition& trade,foreign exchangesettlement, international logistics, production and processing in the international diamond trades, with the policy support of the related ministries and commissions of the government, Guangdong Provincialand Guangzhou Municipal Government, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange created a set of customizedinternational trading service plan for the diamond & jewelry enterprises, to make the international diamond & jewelry enterprises fully connect with the Chinese market,, selling diamonds to the Chinese companies directly, legally and conveniently dock the Chinese market while effectively controlling cost and improving the corporate image.

I. Business Process
Concluding the transaction
1.    Seller consignor
The diamond suppliers from abroad will deliver rough / polished diamonds to GuangzhouDiamond Exchange in the bonded  form(no need to pay import tariff and import value-added tax).
2.    Buyer's inspection
Guangzhou Diamond Exchange will organize rough / polished diamond bonded shows and auctions, which enable domestic and foreign buyers to view and choose diamonds freely.
3.    Buyers and sellers negotiate and clinch a deal
After negotiation between the seller and the buyer, they will conclude the bonded transaction through Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, and deal with relevant formalities according to the flow of goods after deal.
Cargo flow direction
After clinching a deal, the diamond goods can have the following flow direction:
1.    The goods canbe in bonded condition and be stocked in the supervised warehouse of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange designated by the Customs.
2.    The goods can be transferred toprocessing contract where polished diamonds beingreprocessedandrough diamond being cut or polished, for the Chinese domestic diamond companies.
3.    Export overseas.

II. Policy and resources support
Policy supports from all levels
Guangdong Provincialand Guangzhou Municipal Government support Guangzhou Diamond Exchange to develop international diamond trading business. With the efforts of Guangdong Provincialand Guangzhou Municipal Government, on the base of the strict self-discipline system and transaction management system of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine clearly supports the developmentof Diamond Exchange in Guangdong, and also replied toGuangzhou Municipal Government to support therough diamonds bonded trade and a variety of ways of import and export business based on Guangzhou Diamond Exchange. Guangzhou Diamond Exchange will become the second domestic legal platform to develop rough diamonds bonded trade and will provide a more active, more competitive diamond procurement servicefor domestic diamond & jewelry enterprises from the supply side.
As the only diamond trading platform approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government, with the support of the government departments at all levels, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange will actively make good use of a variety of preferential policies to innovatively develop diversified diamond trading services.
Advantages of International Cooperation
Guangzhou Diamond Exchange actively contacted the State Diamond Trader (South Africa), the Center for Expertise, Evaluation and Certification of Precious and Semi-precious Minerals(Democratic Republic of Congo), the Gem Jewellery Export Promotion Council (India) and other government regulators of majordiamond producing countries, as well as the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the World Diamond Council, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the Dubai Diamond Exchange and other international authoritative institutions and important diamond mining and sales enterprises, to establish cooperation relationship, encourage international diamond suppliers to participate in trading business in Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, to provide a solid supply guarantee and secured service for the trading platform.

III. Business Analysis
Benefiting from its developed diamond processing manufacturing industry in Guangdong Provinceand the convenience of connecting Hong Kong, Macao and other countries, Chinese enterprises can buy diamonds from oversea suppliers, concludebonded diamond trade at Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, realize foreign exchange settlement, and easily transfer to processing trade. At present, enterprisescan also complete ordirnary trade procedures in Shanghai with the help of our service agents, to realizeone-stop businessincluding sourcing, trading, customs clearance, processing and manufacturing, sales, and other sections of the industrial chain.
For the polished diamond trading, in the diamond industry centre of Guangdong and through the bonded exhibition and transaction service provided by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, domestic enterprises can  solve the problem of foreign exchange settlement, and conveniently communicate with the international diamond suppliers. The processis consistent with bonded transaction service provided by other platforms, except that trading in Guangzhou can save the logistics deficiency and fees to some extends.
For the rough diamond trading, bonded tradewas in great demand in Guangdong Province but was hard to realizein the past because of inconvenience in foreign exchange settlement, import VAT deduction, inbound and outbound regulation, etc. Through the above international trading service plan, with the support of all levels of government policy facility, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange’srough diamond trade can realizeforeign exchange settlement, bonded exhibition and viewing, transfering to processing trade and other business, which will greatly facilitate the diamond & jewelry enterprise to enter the upstream industry chain.
In addition, now if you apply for the foundingmembership of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange andconcludeinternational bonded trade through Guangzhou Diamond Exchange, you not only can enjoy preferential membership registration fee, annual service fee and trading commission, but you can also dispense the high operation fee, andrealizeinternational trading service at the cost of a favourable price.

IVThe problems solved and highlights
l  Realize the real international trade and foreign exchange settlement under bonded condition.
l  Realize free international circulation of diamonds under bonded condition, attracting high-quality international suppliers and domestic buers.
l  Save international travel time and cost.
l  Directly get involved in international trade andsave operating costs of establishing overseas companies.
l  There is no difference between the bonded exhibition and viewing service provided by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange andotherinternational existing platforms. The convenience of conculdingbonded viewingin the industry center can save time and cost and improve enterprise management flexibility.
l  Realize one-stop businessfrominternational procurement, processing to domestic sales.
l  Provideoptimizedrough diamond supply, support Chinese diamond & jewelry enterprises to enter into upstream sectiion ofindustrial chain of rough diamond trading and processing, tobetter control costs and promotethe image of natural diamond seller.
l  A set of trading rules and self-discipline systemin line with international rules and an image ofauthorized state holding trading platform is a guarantee of secure transaction and a sign of confidence in the industry for the members of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange.
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