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Introduction of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange

I. Background
Located at Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (hereinafter as GZDE) is the only diamond trading platform approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province to date. The functional orientation and business plan of GZDE have been strongly supported by the Guangdong provincial government and the municipal government of Guangzhou. Under the principles of government leadership, state holding, private participation and market operation, GZDE was established by Guangdong Exchange Holding Group in association with state-owned enterprises such as SFUND, renowned jewelry brands like Chow Tai Fook and Lukfook.
II. Mission
The International Trading Platform, A Modern Comprehensive Service Hub
III. Our Strategy
One Core Business: Professional rough diamond trading platform
Two Main Products: Rough diamond bonded trade, Rough diamond processing trade to ordinary trade
Three Trading Services: Import & Export clearance and settlements, Supply chain financial supports, Value-added services
Four Service Platforms: International diamond trading platform, International diamond industry portal, International diamond industry service hub, International diamond cultural exchange platform
IV. Our Advantages
Authority: Government leads, State controls
Security: Secure environment, capital, transaction
Internationality: International executive operation and business communication
Policy: Strongly supported by all levels governments and authorities
Services: One stop shop for customs, Kimberley Process office, warehousing, logistics, insurance, laboratories, etc.

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