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Membership Application

I. Preparation of membership application materials

1. Download and complete the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange Membership Application Form according to the category of membership applied for

DownloadMembership Application FormTrading Member

DownloadMembership Application FormNon-Trading Member

Note: The Application Form must be sealed and signed by the legal representative or authorized representative.

2. A scanned copy of the latest and valid business license

3. A scanned copy of the legal representative's ID card, or passport

4. If the trading representative is not the legal representative, please complete the Letter of Authorization , sign and seal it, and attach a scanned copy of the ID card or passport of the trading representative.


II. Submission of membership materials

The application will be reviewed within 2-3 working days.

Please email the application form and required documents to

Or WeChat scanning code to contact the staff of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange to submit the membership materials.


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