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‘Diamond Sent from the Gods’ Sold For a Sky-high Price of 390 Million RMB


Sotheby’s has just concluded the spring sale of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, the Star Products--The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds sold for $41.335 million and $15.064 million respectively with the sale totaling around 390 million RMB.
The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds (From Sotheby’s)
The sale features jewellery from different collections comprising signed jewels and superb gemstones and it was headlined by ‘The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds’.
The coloured diamond is today’s ultimate possession; in a climate of intense connoisseurship, the ravishing coloured diamond is appreciated as the rarest of the rare, with a mystical, miraculous beauty that comes from the unique, emotive blend of the diamond’s unrivalled fiery brilliance with an exquisite palette of colours, the most appealing being cherry-blossom pink, and the rarest of all diamond colours, noble, contemplative blue.
The Apollo Blue is a Fancy Vivid Blue, 14.54 carats, Internally Flawless, Type IIB, and the Artemis Pink, a Fancy Intense Pink, 16.00 carats, VVS2 clarity, Type IIA. Both are amongst the purest, chemically, of all diamonds, with an alluring limpidity, while the Apollo belongs to the most elite group comprising less than one-half of one percent of all diamonds, pure, with the presence of boron, the element that gives the diamond its blue color. Diamonds of this quality, with this extraordinary depth and sophistication of color, and of this size are unfathomably rare. The sheer randomness of their very existence, the confluence of cosmic conditions that generated their miraculous formation process, billions of years ago, deep in the earth, is wondrous.

The Apollo belongs to the most elite group comprising less than one-half of one percent of all diamonds
The two diamonds were named after the name of God Apollo and Goddess Artemis, indicating the status of them. It seems the two diamonds are gifts from God.
Finally, the Apollo Blue sold for $41.335 million with unit price of $2.843 million per carat, while the Artemis Pink fetched $15,064 million with unit price of $0.9415 million per carat. The precious diamonds pair eventually found the destination where they belong.
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