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AGS Labs Opens Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports to the Industry


After a year-long pilot program, AGS Laboratories has opened its lab-grown diamond grading service to all members of the industry. The lab announced last August it would once again offer grading reports for lab-grown diamonds, a service it offered until 2013 but then stopped due to a lack of demand.

It features details on the diamond’s growth method, cut, color, clarity, shapes, and measurements, as well as two laser inscriptions to act as a unique identifier. AGS is using the standard color and clarity grading scales for lab-grown diamonds but adding “LG” (for “laboratory-grown”) to the grades to distinguish the grading from natural diamonds while also providing a basis for comparison.  

For example, a lab-grown diamond could receive an “LG-D” color grade and an “LG-VS1” clarity grade.
A sample of AGS Labs’ “Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report,” which is available to the whole industry now

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