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Analysis on the diamond production report of Alrosa in Q3 2016


Diamond production of Alrosa in the first half of 2016 reached 169 thousand carats, increased by 7% year on year, in the Q3 2016 diamond production reached 11 thousand carat, decreased by 5% compared with the 11.6 thousand carats of last year. Alrosa said that the fall of production in Q3 are mainly due to decrease in gravels processing from Nyurba Division’s placer, decrease in ore production at Aikhal underground mine and the termination of open-pit mining at Udachnaya pipe.
In the past three quarters of 2016, the sales of Alrosa are 89 million carats, 74 million carats and 83 million carats by volume respectively. In the Q3 2016, a total of 5.8 million carats of gem-quality diamonds was sold at an average price of $165 per carat; a total of 2.5 million carats of industrial diamonds was sold at an average price of $7per carat.

Source:Summarized by GZDE, data from Alrosa, picture from the internet

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