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Guidelines for "BondedDiam" Product

I. Service Contents

Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "GZDE") provides services to the members or enterprise applicants (hereinafter referred to as "Clients") for their overseas goods entering into domestic bonded warehousing, sorting, simple processing, appraisal, exhibiting or business activities (may be to any cities in China).

GZDE will handle procedures of importing goods to Bonded Area, exporting goods from the Bonded Area, transferring goods from the Bonded Area to any cities in China (for exhibition, watching or trading) and returning goods to Bonded Area (after exhibition, watching or trading) for clients. GZDE also provides the Custom Guarantee service.
II. Lists
III. Handling Procedures
IV.Fees and Requirements.
Value shall be subject to the amount stated on the customs declaration, and the exchange rate shall be calculated based on the selling price at spot exchange on the handling day of the Bank of China.

If the jewelry (limited to tradable varieties) are trade, they shall be declared and paid taxes to the customs, plus an additional declaration fee, i.e. RMB 500 / tax declaration copy.

GZDE’s Comprehensive-Trading Member enjoys privilege of standard service charge at 10% discount ; and Core Founding Member enjoys privilege of standard service charge at 20% discount.

If necessary, the client may entrust GZDE to pay the expenses for logistics, insurance and detection uniformly. We will charge the client Service Fee based on the actual expenses (In case of tax, additional charge is required).
V.Contact Info
Trading Department of
This guide shall be finally interpreted by the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange.


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